X-Men All In One Collection Movies In Hindi For Free

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X-men All Edition of Movies Are Basically Thriller , Action - Adventure And Fighting Type Movie With Science Fiction .These Character From Marvell's Comics Books and Film is also made with association Of Marvell's Incorporation And Big And Of Fox Movies Maker. In all editions , mutants ( A special kind of human which has some extra ordinary power ) like Wolverine has a great steel Blades in his both hands .
 I recommend to all the viewers that see the movies in that sequence that i have descried below X-men First-class , X-men Origins of Wolverine , X-men 2000 , X-men 2003 & X-men 2006 .The reason i am telling you is that if you watching the movies in that series you can understand it easily if you don't do this you can't understand it .
X-men First Class In which The Director Tells that how mutants are make X-men Team and X-men Wolverine tells about the whole story of Wolverine (Jimmy) Born to this place where he lost his memory .Then you watch X-men 2000 in which a girl who was a mutant of such type if touch anyone he sucks his whole power and the host was died or go in coma , it was happened to his boyfriend ,then he left his place and go a bar where he met the wolverine and wolverine lifted him and they met some mutant enemy on his way in which Some heroes ( Scot Land ) help him in this case and came him in his headquarter when he awoke he finds a way to get out of here but he found nothing to reach a mind-hacker mutant who is kind and mercy . He said wolverine that he helped him to remind his past.But In this magneto named mutant was planned to command on the earth so Wolverine and his Colleagues destroy his mission . X-men 2003 tells that Wolverine go to the place where he experimentally use to make a strong and powerful mutant but he did not find the place and return to headquarter and meet all mutant again with joy .In this story he meets his lab doctor who destroyed his past by injecting on his head .He control over the mind-hacker who can kill all the mutants then the last he saved his mind-hacker mutant life but his one friend sacrifices his life to survive the whole team .In the last X-men 2006  , Scot Summer finds her and but she is not in her controls therefore she killed the Scot and lose her senses . Wolverine take her headquarter  but she is not in her control so she attacks him and flee away and reached to her house there Mind-hacker helped him but she could not understand and killed him from his mutant power . She Joined the magneto team......Wolverine killed her at the end of the movie .


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